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How to Capture the Moments and Win Their Trust

https://youtu.be/Yxj7BoSGB3g How to Capture the Moments and Win Their Trust In this brief video, I share my experience in capturing moments with my sons which, in turn, wins their trust. If you’re like me, you want your children to freely discuss their problems with you. That’s what I discuss here. Takeaways in this video: You have opportunities to open the lines of … [Read More...]

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Dare Greatly

Dad, Do You Dare Greatly?

Recently I opened my Forbes magazine and Cadillac’s advertisement seized my attention. It featured an edited version of Theodore Roosevelt’s infamous Dare Greatly … [Read More...]

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4 Words That Will Earn Your Sons Respect

4 Words That Will Earn Your Son’s Respect

A few years ago me and my family served in a youth camp. I was busy running to and fro trying to meet everyones’s needs from sun up to sun down. At that time it seemed like I was correcting Jacob (10 at the time) a lot. Ever have a day like … [Read More...]

Trojan Horse Painting

You are a Mentor

The ancient Greek legend of Odysseus, Telemachus, and Mentor is where we draw the original concept of a mentor. Odysseus, the  warrior, left to fight in the Trojan War (you know, the one with the big fake horse). When he went to war he left his son, … [Read More...]

Autumn Hike

Take a Hike!

Are you planning to let your son watch 350,000 commercials, of which 100,000 advertise beer, and allow him to spend 20 percent of his waking hours in front of America’s best friend, the TV? I hope not. Here’s one way to avoid it this fall. I didn’t grow … [Read More...]