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4 Words That Will Earn Your Sons Respect

4 Words That Will Earn Your Son’s Respect

A few years ago me and my family served in a youth camp. I was busy running to and fro trying to meet everyones’s needs from sun up to sun down. At that time it seemed like I was correcting Jacob (10 at the time) a lot. Ever have a day like that? Thought so. The Real Problem But then I realized something. The problem wasn’t him. It was me. I was trying … [Read More...]

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Trojan Horse Painting

You are a Mentor

The ancient Greek legend of Odysseus, Telemachus, and Mentor is where we draw the original concept of a mentor. Odysseus, the  warrior, left to fight in the Trojan … [Read More...]

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Autumn Hike

Take a Hike!

Are you planning to let your son watch 350,000 commercials, of which 100,000 advertise beer, and allow him to spend 20 percent of his waking hours in front of … [Read More...]

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Dads and Anger

Break the Cycle

One of the most destructive forces on the planet isn’t a tornado, hurricane, or an earthquake. It’s an angry dad. An angry dad that’s out of control. “Out of control” can reveal itself in various forms, but when I say it, you know what I mean. You know what it looks like for you. What makes […]

Game Money

How to Keep Your Family Together and Have Fun

Do you like to have fun? Sure. We all do. When you think about having fun do you envision yourself out on the lake casting your line expecting to catch the elusive “big one” ? Or maybe you picture yourself out on the court bringing your A game, blocking jumpers, and hittin’ 3 pointers. Or […]


Take Time to Read

We’ve heard the old adage “Leaders are readers.” We also know that dads are to be leaders, especially in the home. So you know what my conclusion is already: Dads should read in the home. The benefits that result from a steady diet of reading together are mucho. (Did I spell that right?) Consider these […]